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Past Projects

Internal Waves and Mixing in the Aegean Sea
Internal Tides on the Oregon Slope
Centered around a mooring array deployed in 2005, we investigated internal tide generation and propagation on the Oregon Slope with collaborators from OSU, finding out that the internal-tide environment on the shelf was much more complex than previously thought!
Internal Waves Across the Pacific (IWAP)  With motivation from Walter Munk's famous work on the propagation of surface wave swell propagation across the Pacific Ocean basin, here we take a similar approach but instead look at the propagation of internal swell. 
  Ocean Station PAPA
Internal tides and mixing in Monterey Canyon Canyons trap internal waves, and are sites of intense internal wave activities and elevated turbulent mixing. Three MMP moorings and five ADCP moorings had been deployed for two months aiming at understanding these processes. In addition, the onset of springtime upwelling-favorable winds significantly altered the stratification, which also affected the internal tide dynamics.   
  Mendocino Escarpment Near-Inertial Waves
Hood Canal Dissolved Oxygen Program

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